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The new name of the marketing game

According to research by AgileSherpas, 61% of businesses intend to implement Agile Marketing practices in the next 12 months. Already, companies including the likes of IBM, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, HubSpot, Kraft, Adobe, Santander, Hilton, Oracle, Expedia, Pepsi, Fidelity Investments, Kissmetrics, Salesforce, Travelocity, Dell, Vistaprint, Xerox, Avaya, Symantec, and Sainsbury’s, to name just a few, are starting to use Agile Marketing to drive ongoing innovation, rapidly increase speed to market, deliver superior customer experiences, and grow their market shares.

In today's fast-paced, multichannel world, marketers no longer have the luxury to spend months crafting large projects or campaigns; they must innovate and produce on the fly, and respond immediately to changing market needs. Companies who adopt an Agile Marketing approach find that it allows them to adapt and move faster. It drives long-term marketing strategies with short-term, customer-focused iterative projects that improve responsiveness and relevance. It allows for faster creation, more testing, smarter improvements, and better results.

Your all-star playbook and coach

Get2Growth gives you and your teams the training and knowledge to get up-and-running with Agile Marketing; transform your ways-of-working and culture; and then master the finer art to drive marketing and business performance. Through online content and resources, Get2Growth gives you the playbook and support to maximise the opportunity offered by this new way of marketing.

Nearly one third of marketing teams report that it’s the lack of an internal expert or advocate that’s holding them back from Agile adoption (Source: Workfront Agile Marketing Survey); consider the opportunities that will open up for marketers who can become those experts and advocates.  

John Webb

Hi – I’m John Webb, the founder and lead coach at Get2Growth.

Having spent over 20 years working in traditional marketing teams for the likes of Samsung, Yahoo! and Rackspace, I understand the frustrations of drawn out planning processes, lack of responsiveness, and working in silos.

Seeing other functions move to Agile ways-of-working, I started to recognise how it could be applied to Marketing and began to introduce it with my teams. I soon saw the results and realised the power of Agile Marketing to unlock team potential and drive both customer and revenue growth.

I’ve implemented Agile Marketing in a number of businesses across different sectors, and now coach marketing teams on how to approach, set-up and then scale their Agile Marketing so they too can see the benefits that it delivers.

Email me at  john@get2growth.com